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Mission Statement

Synopsis of Business Activities

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Our History

We have come a long way from our humble origins in 1980 as a small travel agency dealing with primarily in ticketing. Far-sighted planning, investment and product innovation propelled our growth. The company today employs over 25 personnel and generates an annual turnover of over BND15million in 2014. We have been continuously ranked as one of the top five travel agents by the respective major airlines operating in Brunei Darussalam.

The company has a total of three offices. Apart from the head office in Jalan Sultan, Century Travel Centre has a branch office in Hua Ho Manggis Mall; and an office in Belait District. The Mall’s office offers services from 930am to 700pm, which is yet another FIRST in Brunei Travel Industry.

The company believes our success has been built on team-work, total commitment to our customers and a determination to constantly improve.

Mission Statement

Century Travel Centre Sdn Bhd (CTC) in engaged in the outbound and inbound travel; and all travel related business.

Our core values are to provide services of the highest quality at reasonable prices for our customers.

We strive for the highest professional standards to the customers, as they are essentially part of our business.

A Synopsis of Business Activities

The head office is centrally located in the heart of the business district in the capital. We operate a modern office with technically advanced ABACUS WIZ system to handle airlines reservations and ticketing and a state of the art accounting system including using ABACUS Power Suite. We have recently signed up for ABACUS intelligence which enable us to track our clients in the shortest possible time in case of emergency.

The branches are strategically located in shopping center at Manggis Shopping Mall, Kuala Belait.

The company also has laptops with our senior officers. These are internet accessible (to the ABACUS booking system) 24hours a day. This is to provide emergency services to our clients locally or overseas.

We are authorized travel agent for all the major airlines operating in Brunei Darussalam. The annual turnover of gross sales for the major airlines is tabulated below:

 Airlines Gross Sales **
Royal Brunei Airlines 9 million
Singapore Airlines 2 million
Thai Airways 500 thousand
Malaysian Airlines 2 million
Other airlines 2 million

** 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2014, approximate value

Apart from the above, we are also holding ticket stock for British Airways / Qantas, Dragon Air, Emirates, Cathay Pacific and have access to issue tickets under Philippines Airlines, and others.

The bulk of the sales are made of business and leisure traffic from a variety of nationalities working in Brunei Darussalam.

The Leisure traffic contributed 60% of the total sales and the balance came from the business segment. About 85% of its high yield corporate clientele traveled business class on the regional as well as the international destinations. Volume is the key to the success of the operations. Sales promotions in the form of competitively priced tour packages are offered throughout the year to entice repeat customers and cultivate new ones.

The company is also offering the following product lines and services to its customers

Cruise reservations

World wide hotel and resort reservations

Car rental

Visa applications

Travel insurance

The company is proactive in inbound tours in line with Brunei Government’s aim to promote the country as a tourist destination. We are also actively working together with Brunei Tourism Board for promoting Domestic Tourism (KNK).

To date, the company inbound division has serviced tourists from Europe, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries.

To this end, we have already recruited a number of personnel and trained under courses organized by Tourism Division of MIPR. To sustain, we have implemented the following strategies to make further improvement.

  • Net working with local hotels and various airlines and overseas tour operators to introduce competitively priced value for money packages for FITs and GITs
  • Promote key local tourist attractions and eco-tourism
  • Promote the BIMP-EAGA growth area in terms of business  / tourism

Looking Ahead

The company is determined to achieve a higher turnover of sales and profit. However, our past success does not guarantee future prosperity. In the years ahead, the travel industry in general will be tested by powerful forces of change. The travel industry can be volatile which is subject to many external factors such as the global economy factors. Many of our competitors will improve their competitiveness and the competition will become bigger and more threatening. It will be a threat if we are slow in adapting the changes.

To achieve the desired results, the company will adopt the following strategies:

  • Wider sales coverage to obtain a wider spectrum of market mix in order to maximize revenue
  • Invest in enhanced technology to stay ahead of competition
  • Continue to focus on core values of quality innovation and superior customer service
  • Provide ample training for staff to be professional in product knowledge, enterprising and skill to handle customers
  • Form alliances with major airlines to represent them as Preferred / General Sales Agent in Brunei Darussalam to improve competitiveness
Setting up strategically located branches to provide better services for both our local and overseas clients.
From left : Joan Lim (Head of Commercial Services), Dermot Mannion (Deputy Chairman/CEO), Esther Lim (Century Travel Founder), Evelyn Ang (Country Manager Brunei)
Century received second position in 2012-2013 Royal Brunei sales.
Century achieved over 5million dollars in 2012-2013.

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